The Easy Guide to Self Employment for Tarot Professionals

Easy Tarot 3

Whether you are just beginning life as a Tarot Reader or have been in the business a while this book will give you a wealth of fascinating information to enable you to build your business safely.

Tarot Reading is one of the most satisfying things to be able to do in the world, it can bring a lot of pleasure to the reader and the client and the information given by the cards can sometimes be invaluable. However, there is another important side to running a business of any kind – knowing how to keep everything running smoothly is important because then you can concentrate on your Tarot Reading.

In this useful guide by Patricia Barber, you will learn all about the business basics: from keeping sound financial records, ethical business practices and how to navigate being a sole trader; to where and how to get clients, how to deal with problems, and all the inside information about working as a professional Tarot Reader in a variety of situations that you won’t learn anywhere else!

Available for £4.99 from Amazon in Kindle or Paperback formats.